Bindi the Great Dane


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Hello there!

This is my first time posting my work here in Ink and Marker. I often work in pen & ink, so it's fun to see this channel! I'm seeing some seriously amazing work here!

This is one of my recent drawings. This is Bindi the Great Dane, a gorgeous dog that I've sort of gotten to know through an Instagram account I follow. One photo of this magnificent dog spoke to me so much that I got in touch with Bindi's owner (and photographer) to see if I could be granted permission to draw Bindi. I am happy to say her owner was not only in favor of it, but was thrilled by the idea.

So here's the resulting drawing. Bindi is 8x10 inches in size. I drew her using Sakura Pigma Micron pens sized 003 - 03, and used Strathmore 500 series Bristol Plate paper.

I recently learned that this drawing earned a place among the 100 finalists for Southwest Art Magazine's Artistic Excellence Competition. :)

I hope you like the drawing. C&C welcome. Thank you for looking!

Bindi WIP 10 FINISH.jpg

Here's a couple of close-ups.
Bindi Crop 1.jpg
Bindi Crop 2.jpg
Bindi Crop 3.jpg
This is amazing. I'm not at all surprised that you are one of the 100 finalists. Congratulations.