Between the acts



More from that world of the theater/clowns/midgets.
Acrylics on paper. Small, just about 6”X5” or so.

I can’t say why but I like the picture in a picture thingy…….
I do too. It makes for a very interesting background and I'm liking your circus series. (y) ❤️
another fantastic work.
yes beautiful of the painting, then I love things like hands that draw hands that draw hands that draw ...
I love the picture within the picture. Great palette again! Wonderful circus, and otherwise all around beautiful piece. ❤️ ❤️

(I think the term is "little people" by the way. Midget is out of favor these days. Just a note from me from the little people I know.)
Its a wonder to me how you can make the presence of your people so alive and palpable. They are both right there with the emotions written all over their faces.
Very empathetic characters and the circus ambiance is marvelous.