Behind The Tree



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. this morning's effort
You sure are fast. Another beauty! Love all the markings and scratchings in this one. ♥️
Beautiful painting! I love the gentle contrast between warm woods and the sky, with the foreground element connecting them all together. Well done!
Thank you Arty, Dm7, and Cindy ..

... got a little too close to landscape color not under the influence so I will have to do this again with a dip into what the original inspires and not what the original shows. Vincent said he needed a model but the model didn't persuade him to paint it local: it was a point of departure for inspiration. Well, not those words but that's what I got out of it.
I love the colours you've used in this - the bold colours for the tree and that lovely line of blue running through, and the subtle background. It's super!
Looks local, to me. Blue skies, brown corn field, tree across the road...nostalgic:)
Beautifully painted. I like the contrast of the dark tree against the light growth in the background.
I love this palette, and the dark green tree so fully in the foreground. The scratchy-swirly lines are gorgeous.

You've got me hooked on your eye candy, Wayne, so I now depend on my daily fix. 🤪