Been taking pics of birds!


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UK Robin.
Cool. These guys are different from the North American variety, which is a thrush... not sure what the UK variety is, taxonomically.
Erithacus rubecula. A passerine bird of the flycatcher subfamily.
Great little birds, I made a watercolor painting of one some months ago.
What beauties! wonderful photos. That must take a lot of patience, as well as a bit of good timing and fortune.
Thank you: musket, EJH, Margaret (alias snoball 😊), Joe, Arty, Enyaw, Margaret (alias snoball) 2, ntl (which my phone corrected to natal, then until and of course, Arty again. You're all very kind.
Aww.. these are beautiful! Birds are hard to capture, they're such excitable little creatures. ❤ Gorgeous beach, too.