Basic Acrylic Class


I've been taking a very basic acrylic painting class. It's for a total beginner and may be a complete no-brainer for most of you, but since I am a total novice at acrylics, I thought I should start at the very bottom. I really loved this woman's paintings, so I splurged and paid the $27 US on her 6-part class. Here is her website:
It looks as if she does a variety of styles in her work, so that will be good too.
I love her landscapes, which is what attracted me to her. I found her on Instagram...she was a "sponsored" link, which I usually don't fall for, but I liked what I saw, so I clicked on it. Next thing I knew, I was giving her money. Ha ha ha. :ROFLMAO:
I think working on the basics is always good, most likely a 27 bucks well spend!
I am thinking about a skillshare subscription, what is holding me mainly back is this time of the year, between job family and animal husbandry, there is not much time left for more commitments...
She seems to use colors in a very restrained way. That gives her work a sophisticated look, IMO. Oh, and her compositions seem restrained, especially in the painting of figures. I'm not used to using acrylics, so I've been devouring everything Will Kemp. I even chose an alizarin crimson hue, just based on a comment he made (Alizarin Crimson Permanent, Winsor & Newton Professional - pr177 & pv23). It's got a big range for mixes, so as usual, he points me in the right direction. Or one of the right directions.
Had a quick look at the site linked. I like the wy he presents the process he's detailing. Thanks