Basement #3


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This is acrylic with pastel pencils on watercolor paper.
I moved things around on this a number of times
trying to get a decent design and I'm going with this.
The hot water tank is really white and was overbearing in the
comp so I had to play around with the value.
White is not so bright, is it? I like the color arrangement you used. Harmonized.
Lovely soft palette, and I like your composition. These have all been wonderfully done, Perry, and this is no exception. ❤
This is fantastic, the colors, the placement. It makes me feel warm and cozy and it’s a basement!
Another great basement painting! I like the arrangement of objects and will look at water heaters as the models they really are.
Thanks Wayne. I guess white can be bright....just not here.:)
Thanks Terri. For me composition is the real challenge.
Thanks Mary. Glad you like it.
Thanks for the comment Jo
Thanks Donna. Water heaters as models....I like that.:)
I am in LOVE with this painting! Everything about it is so cool. I really like all the subject matter here, and the technique and style is perfect. :) ♥️
Great colors! And I like how you've taken a scene that's not traditionally considered visually pleasing and made it into something that is.
Perry – I really enjoyed going through your basement series! What intrigues me most is your amazing sense of composition and colour, which seems to be quite intuitive. And I say that because you never offer even a glimpse about how you arrive to it. You just feel it?

In this Basement #3, I can tell you how the placement of those humble tools around the water heater takes me around (enjoying the colours at the same time) many times. That’s a venerated skill you have!!!
Thank you Raquel.
If something in my comp doesn't look (or feel) right I try to figure
out what it is and how I can fix it. Sometimes I'm successful and sometimes not.
I usually end up playing with the comp as I go......rarely do I get it right the first time:).