Barbara Tate (1927 - 2009)


2 eyes.
About thirty some years ago I worked* at the property of the artist, Barbara Tate (Wiki). Her website doesn't appear to be maintained.

She invited me to her studio - a loft conversion - to view her WIP. It was a painting of Medusa and it was to be displayed at the entrance to the annual exhibition of the Society of Women Artists at the Tate. As President of the Society, it was her role to escort the Princess Royal. There was a book published posthumously based upon her experiences working as a "maid" in London's Soho. I haven't read it.

*I will never forget. My boss dropped me off and disappeared, and I was left with blunt tools and little experience, at a three storey seventeeth century townhouse, in a very leafy, middle-class part of West London. I think I spent the best part of a morning at the koi pond. When we first went to view the property, to my horror, I was prompted to remove my shoes. I had enormous holes in the heels of my socks. And a hole where my big toe poked through.
I do not recount the above out of reverence for anyone's particular station in life, i might add. We all born mortal.
Thank you for sharing this. She seemed like a wonderful artist and interesting person, and it's cool that you got to have your experience with her.
the video reminded me of my 2 years + journey down the rabbit hole after reading Arthur Koestler's "Roots Of Coincidence"

painted this back then - Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli

Synchro - 20"x 8" acrylic on hardboard
I love where art and literature meet. And here we have art, psychiatry and quatum physics. A headly brew, in deed, even without the pipe smoke. I particularly like the expression you have captured in Pauli's eyes. Looks pained. And the synchronicity of the pipe smoke. Which reminds me, when my daughter was five or six, every time we passed those huge bellowing factory chimneys, I would say, Look at those cloud makers! Nowadays, I am the credulous one!
Diana (Artemis in Greek) was the goddess of the moon and of the hunt... among several other things.