Balthasar Matthyssens painting?

Claude J Greengrass

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Does anyone know if Balthasar Matthyssens painted a hunting scene similar to the painting below. IIRC, in the painting I am thing about, the horses are facing right and there is a woman and a man with spears. The woman is on the horse on the left side of the painting and appears to be looking directly at you. The man is wearing a tall hat and is looking to the right. Maybe focused on the hunt.

There is very little on Balthasar Matthyssens that I can find on the net. It seems he was known under multiple spellings of his name. Perhaps start there.
I too could not find much Balthasar M on the net. I have a mental bookmark to note down the title/location of the painting I am thinking about if I ever happen to stumble across it again.
I am an expert Googler and I could find nothing by any artist that fit your description.