BackLit Bull



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Dec 1.23
Just looks like a lotta bull! ❤️ 🐂 🤎 You got some good distance in this one.
Thanks. Think it’s destined for the sin bin Or I paint the bull out of it.
I really like this one. where is this place? and what's a bull doing in it? and why is he looking at me? I don't know and don't really care, but those questions on a subconscious level made me look at it, and appreciate it.
He's a terrific bull, and you gave him something to wonder about while you were there. I love the painting! Don't see many critters from you, come to think of it. :)
There's a lot of cattle down here in the desert and what I've noticed is how easy it is to spot them in the messy desert landscape because of their shape: They are blocks with legs.

And blocks aren't a usual shape here unless you're in the mountains. So, a block with legs and a blocky head on a short neck.

Not that I've tried to paint a bovine.
I don’t know what the bull was but it was not the usual animal one would see here. It was special as it had its own space designated by a wire fence. I will see if I kept the reference photo. If I have it I will post it.
NO sin-bin! I LOVE this one. I guess I love bulls, though. They are such wonderfully interesting subjects for paintings. ♥️