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I was watching telly with my thirteen year old when vintage footage of a hippy festival came on, and she reflected, "And they call us, "snowflakes"?"
It can be used to describe a person with large hips, but hippy is also used as a variant spelling of hippie. From a Collins English dictionary:


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Only spelled that way by straights (which didn't mean hetero at the time). Just for the info of your teenager, I spent seven months on a what would be called a hippy commune by straights, in Northern California in 1970.

"Hippie" was an invention of the media. The preferred term among us was "freak."

Most of my day was devoted to the hard labor of preparing a large field for a garden, pulling an endless supply of rocks and not a few big stumps out of the ground. Every morning before dawn I was out there splitting wood with a splitting maul for firewood. And of course, plenty of morning and evening blissful balling with my very beautiful old lady, and much hitch hiking.

Our group included a skilled auto mechanic and an equally skilled carpenter and blacksmith.

So who's a snowflake now?
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Had a similar experience on Vancouver Island in B.C. in 1970
We had a huge garden on a hundred acres. We also filled bags of oysters in Comox once a week. Mainly draft dodgers and west coast hippies.
We worked so hard and fed a lot of people for free. Many musiciens in the group, nights were filled with music , no neighbours. 👍
Only spelled that way by straights
I knew you would say that. I guess I am "straight," then. That's not a problem. You understood the context, so it was pretty "straight" of you to be a pedant, no?
So who's a snowflake now?
This is laughable, and I am sure my thirteen year old daughter will have a laugh at it, too. I didn't come here for a fight, but one can only assume your touchiness is due to an inflated ego. You should have got it seen to. I am surprised your vast, past experiences hasn't salved it.

Sorry to have offended your parental pride, I quite agree that boomers have no business calling today's kids snowflakes.

But I don't take opinions of the 60s counterculture by thirteen year olds seriously. And almost everybody today who wasn't of that time period considers "straight," if they're familiar with the term at all, to be the opposite of "gay," not a term for someone who doesn't smoke pot or drop acid, as it was used back then.

Blossom Dearie is doing a parody of beat slang, not freak slang (some of which, but hardly anything in the song, is beat derived). What are you trying to prove-- that your daughter is hip to the jive?
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You didn't offend anything, so what's there to be sorry for? You are either overestimating yourself or underestimating me
or both.
Whatever the case, you are not making yourself look good here.

You were offended by the witty remark of a 13 year old girl and got defensive. End of story.
I quite agree that boomers have no business calling today's kids snowflakes.
Your thirteen year old girl's remark would be considered witty only by her parents.

It would be one thing if she'd seen a clip of coked-out former counterculture people at Studio 54 and said the same thing. As is, she has not a clue about who she's criticizing. I don't like that from anybody who expresses contempt for the counterculture without even having been around to see it. I'm tired of people dissing the late 60s, which is such an oh so hip thing to do these days.

I get no respect from them, they get no respect from me. I can easily turn your remark about getting defensive around. Somebody had the nerve to cross your daughter's ignorant opinion (which implies that "hippies" were snowflakes themselves), and you got all defensive. There's no Debates forum here, so I'll leave it at saying your personal attacks on me are ad hominem. They don't address my arguments.

End of story. Lock it down if you like, mjp.
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Yes, lock it down before I have a chance to reply. Who is "mjp"?

First and foremost, my daughter wasn't "dissing" the sixties, however much you want it to be so. She was highlighting hypocrisy, and using irony to do it. It is a shame you could not see that. You did not want to see that. Judging by one or two of your other posts, you appear to manufacture pretexts in order to shame. But the shame is on you, my friend. It is not COOL but it is FREAKISH.

I am genuinely sorry that it has come to this. I did not come here for a fight. I do not like confrontation. I am here to share my art, good, bad, and downright ugly, and I am grateful for being given the chance to do so. I will try to not abuse it or anybody else.

I'm done here.
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You're still not addressing my arguments but dissing me. Your daughter specifically singled out hippies and decided they had no business calling anybody snowflakes because they were snowflakes themselves. And perhaps some of them were; the flower child types. But overall, they weren't. I know; I was there. She wasn't.

Why don't you show her some footage of many of those very same alleged snowflakes getting their heads beaten in by the cops at Chicago 68, as a counter to her blinkered view of what us freaks were really all about? How about the demonstrations against the Vietnam War?

Unlike you, I do enjoy confrontation, but again, since there's no room for it here, I'm done too. But I must say... what does your thread topic have to do with art of any kind? What was the point of posting it in the first place, other than to show how clever your daughter is? I mean, I understand parental pride, but did this topic belong here at all?

I will say also that if anything, those of us who were part of that very small segment of the Boomers overall would be among the least likely to call your daughter a snowflake.
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First of all, this sounds like a debate, which makes it off-limits here in the world's friendliest art forum.

I understand it didn't start as a debate, but here we are. Which is to say, "it is what it is," for any 13-year-olds in the audience.

Secondly, the first person to post a dictionary definition automatically loses any online argument. So I'm sorry Iain, but this one goes to musket by default.

Finally, any randomly-selected freak, baby boomer, old-timer - whatever label you want to put on us - can kick all of your asses. Remember that. Don't make me pull this car over. And not for nothing, but we'd also appreciate it if you snowflakes got off our lawns and got a real job already.

Thank you.

Remember, war is not the answer, only love can conquer.

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mjp is Hannah now, long story.
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