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That's my name for this painting since I thought "Running from Covid" wasn't a very nice title!
It is one of a few recent attempts using a palette knife. C&C always welcome, thanks. :)


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Don't do any describing, let people translate themselves. This is an amazing painting and I love the way the colors fade from one to another. The apparition is there but not dominate. Love it. ❤️
Thank you, one and all! I very much appreciate your taking the time to comment. Your words are a wonderful push for me pursue this technique. Recently a local gallery accepted the piece as well.
A beautiful impressionistic delight! I love it: all the brush strokes and colors. The faintness of the figure looks like a dancer to me. Beautiful.
Hard to see the image clearly. Is it just me??
But it seems a very intriguing work!
Is this better? Sorry I was using "Attach Files" instead of insert image.
Not sure why I get a second small image/thumbnail in addition to the big image.