Artists Who Have Had the Greatest Impact on Your Work?

SLG, have you ever heard of the artist Rafael Zabaleta? Some of his work looks a bit like yours.
“As I returned to the figure after 5 years of abstract”
Hey SLG, it’d be really interesting to see one or more of your abstracts if you still have images of them. Thanks.
As well as the collages, SLG, I really liked your abstract Square pieces. They were reminiscent of Klee's, but made incarnate, 3d'd.

Agnes Martin opened my eyes to visual art. Blame Agnes for my indiscretions.

I thought this a cool tribute to the oeuvre.

Martin's "sin of pride" might reflect the fact of her Scottish parent's Presbyterian heritage, not that I know much about that.
As a young child I was obsessed drawing comic book superheros and dinosaurs. Pre teen started copying photo portraits and Rat Fink drawings. In Jr High I drew pictures for anyone who asked and had an art teacher that was very impressed with my drawing ability, who then urged my parents to get me more formal training....that didn’t happen till High School, where again the art teachers took special interest. High school art offered the typical limited experiences in technique and mediums, but was still my favorite subject. Famous influences I remember from back then..Picasso, Klee, Michelangelo, DaVinci, Norman Rockwell
Went to a SUNY (State University of New York) where I majored in Fine Arts. There was exposed to some very good instructors who helped expand my exposure to art history and Modern Art. I greatly admired the Renaissance, Dutch golden age, Spanish Masters and Barbizon painters, but I was enthralled with Matisse, Cezanne, Degas, Pissarro, Albert Marque, Rodin, Albert Sisley, Andre Derain, Gauguin, VanGogh, and other modern masters I can’t think of right now. Dropped out of college after two years then and stumbled around in commercial cooking for three years Then went back to SUNY college to finish and got a BA, major in fine arts graduating in 1978.
Well, I did not pursue Art as a career. Took a position in retail store management for a over a decade, during which got married and had two children. Then I learned CAD and switched to a position with engineering firm. Bounced between four different firms spanning about twenty years, retiring in 2015.

In the 1980s I drew and painted intermittently. In 1989 I was unemployed and threw myself back into it. Then in 1991 I totally stopped all drawing and painting, except illustrating for a few children’s books my wife (first grade teacher) authored. During this time I focused on music, playing blues harmonica and guitar as an artistic outlet, playing locally in several different bands. I did not start painting again until after I retired in 2015.

Now my influences are still the same as my youth, as well as online sources of stimulation, especially current plein air masters like Joe Paquet, Jean Lagassick, Kathleen Dunphy, James Gurney, Brian Blood, Jim McVicker, Chuck Kovacic, Rob Adams, and many others I can’t think of.
And importantly, all the artists I interact with on this Blog site and other open blog sites.