Acrylics on paper.
Not too large....
This certainly conveys the feeling of an artist in the zone of composing or analyzing a painting and being detached from the present moment.
The colors are a harmony of strong darkish values with just the right amount of white, IMHO
Like and admire it.
I agree with Trier, and it's just an all around lovely piece this one. Congrats! :)
OH This is SO good. I love it. The use of color on his face reflected in the painting in the background - just beautiful. Just the right amount of abstraction to give it punch. You are amazing.
Wow Truffle, excuse me for responding so late, but better...... you know how much I appreciate those words of yours!!
Superb image.
Just interested to long did you spend on creating this picture?
does a work like this take you an afternoon, or do you labour over it days weeks months?
Hi Dave, muchly appreciated!!
Just one afternoon!.... or sometimes a few hours late at night. Honestly!....😁
There are works to which I come back days, weeks or months later and “fix” (or destroy) them. Those add up to more hours consumed I guess.