Ariel Neighbourhood

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Here's my latest 100x100 acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Someone who has a great way with titles named this - you know who you are🙂
This an excellent abstract piece. It is so pefectly balanced and the color palette is pleasing and gorgeous. I love it! I love the bits of the thin black pen in it - a tad here, a tad there. It's all amazing. Very good. A billion starts I give to you! :)
Such an involved and interesting piece, a very strong work. You had me confused with the title as I was looking for the fairy Ariel. Do you maybe mean 'aerial'? (I had to look up the spelling!)
We do indeed both mean aerial😄. Arty the black pen is in fact charcoal, difficult to see on a screen. I have some wip shots if anyone is interested.Arty thanks for the billion🙂
What about "From Above"? "Above the hood"? "Nook from the Sky" ? I could keep going, but I don't know if I'm the right wavelength.
Thanks Katie. Are you painting at the mo?
When I paint I have to wear a mask because I have multiple chemical sensitivity, but even wearing a mask after an hour the acrylic paint goes for my throat causing second stage anaphylaxis symptoms which results in a very hoarse voice. So, at the moment I'm not painting, but when I do feel like painting again I think I will have to purchase a different type of mask, something to keep the VOCs out. Even the modern low VOC and zero VOCs can still affect people with MCS.