Another Small Quartz Sculpture


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Included quartz, epoxy putty, acrylics, sandalwood, around 3" wide.

A more "modern" looking doojiggy. Made for my sweetie's birthday twenty or so years ago.

This started out as a chunk of quartz with a lot of inclusions (I don't know what they are). I cut it in such a way that it's a crude faceted stone. By exceeding what is called the critical angle in the pavilion, I created the illusion of a hole going through it. There isn't one. The blue stuff is epoxy putty painted to look like lapis. I fitted the quartz to it by the same method used in the rutilated quartz sculpture. Both sit atop a disk of sandalwood. The whole thing comes apart, nothing is glued.

I like using wood with flaws for bases in pieces like this. Makes it more interesting, at least to me.


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