Another Glitch?



Me again. DOH!

By clicking on an uploaded image in a post, a new window opens and the image(s) is/are displayed as an album, which is pretty cool. However, it also permits the viewer to download the image via right-click or a download icon.

Can this be fixed so images cannot be downloaded? Or at least not by non-members?

screenshot creative spark.jpg
The only controls we have over attachments are view and upload. There's no permission to set for downloads.

It isn't really technically possible to show someone an image but make it impossible to download. You can make it more difficult to download, but you can't prevent a determined downloader from saving an image.

Having said that, I'll take a look and see if it's feasible to make the link go away.
So true. Knowing that locks only keep honest people honest doesn't help one feel better after a break-in. The download icon, to me, is blanket permission, even an invitation, to those who don't know better, to take what they want without asking.

Is there a way to remove uploaded images from the platform?
As far as I know, no one else can download those images but you, but I will get mjp on this issue soon to see what we can do for you.

However, nothing stops a person from "right-clicking" and saving any image off the Internet whenever they want. This is an issue every artist has when they post images to the web. Many artists put a watermark on their images to try to stop others from copying their work, but there are ways around that too with Photoshop. I'm only mentioning this because it is just something that's a risk to all of us. It's a risk that most of us make.

Also, I noticed that if you insert your images instead of attaching them, this download icon does not come up on the browser.
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... it is just something that's a risk to all of us. It's a risk that most of us make.

There are risks to everything we do. Just driving down the street in an automobile comes with the risk of a drunk driver hitting you and killing you. But, I doubt if any of you put a sign on your vehicles that says, "Hey! Hit me!".

I'm still fighting a large online retailer for permitting one of their sellers to steal one of my designs and sell it on their products. Well, since this is the only place I've uploaded the images, at least if I find my paintings somewhere else I'll know who to blame for letting it happen.

Tell ya' what. Instead of trying to make it my fault, or trying to ridicule me into agreeing with a policy that is bad for all of us, please delete my account and the few images I've placed here. I have much better things to do than be ragged on by folks who would rather be the playground bullies than figure out how to create a safe space.

Seriously, delete my account. I joined at YOUR invitation knowing it's your sandbox so your rules. If I don't like it I don't have to stay. I don't and I won't.
I was not trying to rag on you at all. Sorry for the misunderstanding. We were really trying to figure out how to accommodate you, but we will delete your account and your images at your request.
Well, that took an unexpected turn.

A friendly note on accommodation: when it's possible and when it makes the forum more efficient or it's beneficial to the community, of course, changes can be made. The forum is only a few days old and we've already made a lot of changes.

We can't, however, rewrite the forum software to make it do something it doesn't do or, you know, change the way the web works.

I'd like to change the way the web works, believe me, but so far my efforts have failed.

I'm just the carpenter around here, but I'm pretty sure the architect of the site aims to please.
I thought everyone knew that anyone who desires can capture an image posted on the web. The only ways to discourage it is to watermark images or make them low enough resolution that they aren't worth capturing. If you can't download an image you can always take a screenshot and edit it.