Another charcoal landscape.


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This one is 8"x10" on watercolor paper.
I think I might do a series of these.
Very nice! Charcoal is not that easy to find values with but you have done quite well. ❤️
This is lovely! Love the group of trees on the right and the way you've treated the background. And yes, please keep going with these :)
I like this one, too. Series of charcoal landscapes sound good. Interesting that you chose charcoal for these! If you do more, please post them here, I'd love to see.
Love your idea of a series of these! Excellent work getting that feel of dense foliage on the trees.
Beautiful. I love the wide range of values that gives this so much interest. Good feeling of light and shadow.
really nicely done ! It looks like you are using the tooth of the watercolour paper to advantage......fabulous range of values here, and a delicate touch. I'm off to find your other charcoal landscape now....
Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.
Doing these are a nice break from doing art in only
have to be concerned about values and composition. I do prefer
the watercolor paper because you can get some nice texture with it.
Beautiful! Your trees are exceptional. The shading is so lovely. Yum!!