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This is another challenge, a challenge to myself. We were discussing photorealistic works on WC once and I decided to challenge myself and see how close I could get to photorealistic. This is just a guy from the Internet.
Scarey just how talented you are. Not my type of art but I for sure acknowledge the artistic know how of anyone who walks that side of the path. Really well done.
Thanks Wayne. Not really my cup of tea either but I had to see if I could do it. :giggle:
Thanks Bizzi. :giggle: I am sure he's seen himself all he wants. His photo was done by other artists in photorealism. That is why I chose his photo.
Jeez that's incredible. You do a great job here, yet it is still in your style. How do you do that? Great job on the skin. On everything. Is it titled "Guy from the Internet?" Really amazing. I like this more than the last one that I was jumping for joy about.
Thanks Arty! :giggle: This one will be unique, no other. I won't be trying realism again, probably not even if requested to. :giggle:
And no, the title of this one is "Untitled". :ROFLMAO:
Sno amazing. How long did it take? I'm like Wayne, not my thing really but appreciate the level of talent and attention to detail
Thanks Lyn, and like I said, not my thing either. :giggle: I think I painted on the thing over a 2 week period, something like that.
That really is incredible, Sno. I'd love to see your work-up stages on such a creation. Do you do a rough-in as a basis for your great detail, or do you work up small areas to great detail, one at a time, before preceding to the next, as some do? I could not work that way; I HAVE to begin with a soft, general, rough-in.
Thanks Bill. I generally start with a sketch and then work on the eyes, since those are the windows to the soul, after that I start building form with lights and shadows and just keep building until I am satisfied with the results. Sometimes I almost pick one to death. :giggle: I honestly don't remember exactly how I worked this one up but I'm pretty sure that I didn't begin it with a grisaille. I think I worked it up with the lights and shadows, as I do most of them.
Snoball, is a masterpiece, in addition to the details, to the incredible level of realism, there is above all that spark of life, of magic, that thing that some masters, formidable artists can give to your works, giving them life regardless of the level of realism ( 100, 89%, 50%) or material.
fatastic work, indeed, magical.
if it is not understood, I like it, fantastic work, I agree with everyone on this and on your art.
This really impresses me so much.
My eyes are not very good but your eyes see things that go far beyond 20/20. Wonderful!
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Wow sno. This is superb but seeing your previous work I am not surprised. Congratulations. That guy from the internet is pretty lucky.