Another Cat Practice


oil painter
I was inspired to paint this Siberian Cat kitten from a photo provided by my friend. This cat is her little sister's cat and I shipped the painting to the little sister already. "Hilda", oil on canvas, 20x36 cm.
Terrific work! Great posture of a playful kitten, as well as expression. I'm sure she's going to love it!
Arty, Terri, Yorky, Maureen, Anne, Enyaw, Triduana and Queen Bee, thank you so much!
Thanks for all the comments, it is nice to read what parts of this cat you liked the most and what caught your attention in this cat because I wasn't really sure what did I do here. At one point I just called it done.
Hilda is so beautiful! She looks spirited and lively. What a beautiful painting for her owner to cherish always!
Wow! What a stunning work you did! I love how you did the background, it is colorful yet muted enough for the kitten to stand out.