Andre WIP2


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Hi folks, more to confirm I am still upright.
Absolutely a WIP, I keep seeing problems...
After weeks of doing practically no painting, I am asked to do a portrait for a friend who helped us out. I was meant to be a couple but this has been a real struggle, so just Andre
On Canson MI tinte on a 30x40 cm sheet, pale cream smooth side, Rembrandt soft (hard) pastels.

This is a great portrait already! I like that he seems to be caught off guard and not posing. I can’t imagine how you are doing this on Canson paper. I give up after two layers!
Hi Donna, ha. Thanks for the comments
It's seriously overworked and only Senneliers holding now. He's almost done after some more fiddling. I don't think I'm up to doing the couple, it would mean trying to match two different portraits.
Hi folks, well, I am calling it done. It will be framed at 24x30cm. I think I am reaching my limits and have had to use some Senneliers to get final texture/colour. The size meant I struggled with the smaller proportions and likeness. It's so interesting how doing this stuff makes you "think" along with the emotional rollercoaster of "arghh s***t" to "Hm, maybe, ok".

Nicely finished, Murray! I like how you did the background and you are wise to stop before you’re tempted to fiddle with it more.
Thanks Donna. Stopping is my biggest problem, forced by the paper but I'm reasonably ok with the result. Your comments are always appreciated.
Wonderful expressive face! Coloring is lovely and soft. He'll be very pleased. Well done!
Well, there is a rather unexpected story to the painting. It is Andres birthday soon, the portrait was a suggestion to give as a gift. That was fine, something I do a bit.
Anyway, he turned up today with his wife for a social drop in as they are travelling soon.

As a surprise, the portrait was revealed, even though it still needs framing....
Andre burst into tears, he was do moved by the gift, his wife also. I was firstly concerned the reaction was WTF is this crap, but fortunately it was for appreciation.

Most unexpected, and is making me really step back and think hard. I am not a portraitist, no training, few drawing skills, but it moved me greatly that folk react to my work in this way. A really nice affirmation but also deeply moving for me as an "artist".
It’s so great to hear that this portrait caused some happy tears to be shed, Murray! I can’t think of a better or more heartfelt response!
That's a wonderful story! Couldn't ask for a better outcome. You must feel both humbled and appreciated at the same time. I'm happy you shared this with us! :)
Hi Terri and Donna. I was quite unprepared... Here I was saying it needs to be framed and so on, and I realized he was red faced and sobbing & teared up ... Hi wife was looking at the painting and very emotional. I was stunned, had to give him a hug. I guess it was a combination if the gift and his own portrait.
For me, I had to do a rethink if what it means for me as an artist..... Folk have gooed etc over my work before but this was quite visceral.
Thanks for the comments, much appreciated