And now for the weird


I said that some of my drawings were pretty weird, and these are that.










It is not easy for the average adult to retain a childlike quality in their drawings, it's something you seem to have achieved quite easily and this type of work gives me much pleasure. There is an innocence to it that so many seem to forget of themselves.
I like them, I find they are strong, and funny, many made me smile, some think, or amaze (don't be surprised that I think).
it's nice to see them, thanks.
Thanks everyone. This is the kind of stuff I do sitting around and some of them turn into paintings, and most don't. I am wanting to make more of them paintings nowadays though.
Weird and wonderful! I'd love to see the one with the tree and house shapes as a painting (as long as one of the houses can be pink because you do the best little pink houses.)
I love weird from you! There's so much in some of these, any element could be fleshed out into a painting or larger drawing.

And that would be wonderful, too - though they make me happy just as they are. ❤️
Arty, I don't find them "weird". I used to do similar me too long ago at school as a teenager, every time I didn't find interest in the course! And now I still think that working on fantasy is a creative work. These drawings are directly related to the psychedelic art from the 1960s and 1970s, greatly expressed on the LP record sleeves. Of course those were usually more elaborated, nevertheless I'm sure the base is solid :)
Have had the chance to do a bit of 'sneaky quick sketching'. 1. Granddaughter watching big sister playing sport. 2. A couple that caught my attention - got their essence, not accurate portraits. 3. Friends

JennieJo, sketching is great and allows to express ourselves in a highly personal manner. We have to tell everything and show essential in just a few lines, in some minutes (or seconds). Unfortunately I did never master sketch although I learned legacy drawing in an art school.