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This is a painting I did for a friend to use it as his Music album portrait. Acrylics on yupo paper. 72x36cm

C&C welcome
It is special. And interesting enough to be an album cover fold-out. I like the various techniques I see going on. Good work. :)
Thank you Enyaw, Jo, Lazarus and Articzar. Its been a beautiful project to develop and something different. The Painting looks much better, the yupo makes a backlight effect, and the paint is iridiscent. Can't catch any of these with a camera.
Very interesting and should make an eyecatching painting for a music album. ❤️
Thanks Steve :)... Thanks Maureen, I remember as a child filling paper with crayons and then using Chinese ink over, and then scratching to form the colors and shapes. This was similar, I made it all colorful and then airbrushed the dark background and scratched the reflections using a parallel ruler and a needle. Yupo is really difficult to damage, yet very easy to mark.