An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words



Wayne Gaudon .. Alla Prima .. Oil on Paper .. 11 x 14 Inches .. I tried to carry yesterday forward but couldn't find yesterday except in memory so I let it slide and wondered how I would treat today's interest in applying paint .. I came up with this .. I love that is so suggestive in different passages it really represents a story as told to me by the application of the paint. Love it when the paint is in control and I am controlled enough to stop when the story is told. The idea for the piece came from inversion of value and found it's own way from there.
It’s interesting how a few strokes of paint and a lack of detail can create such a mood. I’m glad you felt confident enough to stop when you did and let us create whatever story we see. Wonderful work!
Well I'm glad that the paint told you this story because it is lovely and yes, it does tell a story. ❤️ ❤️