American Swami


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American Swami - acrylic on 18" x24" panel

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thanks everyone. I forgot I posted this - I've been preoccupied with researching/buying stuff for oil painting - which brand of paint etc.
Never oil painted before, but I want to do some plein air and acrylics dry too fast.
I was looking at student grade paints when an (internet) friend suggested Lukas 1862. It's an inexpensive artist-grade paint sold exclusively in the U.S. by Jerry's Artarama. I looked at MANY youtube comparison videos and they all spoke highly of it. On the videos you get to see, the color, consistency, mixing strength, coverage, etc. plus the word of experienced painters.

I now have 14 200ml tubes and 4 37ml tubes of Lukas 1862. So enough to last a long time. Do I like it? YES! but then I've never used any other brand so have nothing to compare it with.
Oh yes, now I remember you telling us about Lukas. Yes, it's hard to know what you like "best" until you try a variety of different paints, but that means you might have to buy a lot of them. However, I remember when I first started out, a painter friend of mine was throwing out a bunch of his older tubes of paint that he didn't want anymore--maybe brands he didn't like to use? I'm not sure why. Knowing him it was because some of them had leaked/seeped out of the tube and made them look "messy." Anyway, it was a whole caddy filled with different brands, all professional grade, so I got to try a few different ones.

Later, I bought a "lot" of paints on eBay for a dollar when eBay first came on the scene. Same idea.

I finally tried a Portland brand (Gamblin) and loved most of their colors, aside from a few. I like certain colors in other brands, like Winsor Newton and Daler-Rowney, which is a student grade, but I love their raw umber.

For some other student grades, I'll sometimes use the Winton series of the Winsor Newton. They are practically professional grade and you can't beat their price. Great yellows and golds in that selection.