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Checked into Wet Canvas this morning and found their announcement. Too bad. I'm keeping my same name and avatar. My interests are, and have been, photography, editing and creating with Adobe Photoshop 7, life drawing, sculpture and wood carving, and for the past year, abstract acrylics. For starters, I hope to re-post my work, gradually, from WC if that is allowed. This looks like a very active forum with very good artists and members offering insightful commentary. Thanks for letting me join.
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Welcome to the site.
Its a real shame about wet canvas. Alot of the members here are or were active over there as well.
I've posted alot of my work on both sites so I don't think it would be a problem.
Welcome Zen. You are indeed welcome to post your art, anything that you've posted anywhere else. It's all welcome here. We have few rules really. Nothing hateful is all. ;)
Thanks Artyczar, Enyaw and 16ga. I have a painting that's been sitting half finished all summer because other things caught me up. I think this site will inspire me to get moving again. :)
ZenDruid, nice to know you and it will be nice to admire your art, welcome, yes, sorry for wetcavans, I was sorry when a year ago he didn't keep all the contents (apart from the huge tide of information and art, it was a way to know and remember the work of so many exceptional artists), but I did not expect it to close, I did not think that now it risked that, sorry.