Afton Villa Orchard


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Maybe a little heavy- handed interpretation of the view, but I also did a more delicate one before that, which I can't find now.
Years ago.

18x24 in acrylic/posterboard
SNO - Thank you. I'm glad you see a Tuscany look because that was sort of a last minute inspiration from the two tall foreground trees that made me add the distant ones beyond the orchard.

WAYNE - Thanks, you're right, there are several in which I used that approach and to identify them I thought I would name the approach "Heavy Handed" and pretend they are a series. More to come.

ARTY - Thank you. The ruined stone wall was really white, but I wanted a peachy sky and thought white would no go as well as another hue, therefore, the blue.
Interesting. As I look at this I see several different things, as one would see different things in the shapes of clouds!