After Bark

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I'd been taking photos of bark, came home and drew this


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Thanks everyone. Iain I don't think I'd ever leave the area where these astonishingly beautiful trees are. I'd certainly never run out of inspiration
Incredible trees ! Thank you Iain!
My paint brushes could never come close to what mother nature has done here. The only thing to do is get a marker pen and 'frame' the wonderful abstracts of the bark.
Do they sell seeds of these?
The trees only colour up in a warm tropical climate, unfortunately. Seed can be purchased.

Eucalyptus in Portugal. They are invasive there, adding fuel to seasonal wildfires, no doubt.
I always expect to find one of Madge Gill's countenances amongst the complexity of lines, like a visitation from Myrninerest!

First time I saw the Rainbow eucalyptus I thought it must be a hoax.
Iain I had to look Madge Gill up- very glad you mentioned her, quite fascinating. I shall have to spend more time exploring her and Myrninerest