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I've been around so long I come well after the best-before date. I've been into computing since the late 80s. After retirement I have been into teaching, running workshops and demonstrating art, graphic composition and book publication since the 1990s.
Teaching is not really just a job it's an obsession and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Believe me being a teacher never led to a fortune and it hasn't in my case. Being on this forum is good for me, it makes me feel that my advice is appreciated and is a great way to spend time.
I'm happy to offer my experience in Art and computing. I can put a book together ready for printing and even give you an ISBN number for it. I'll even advise on traditional letterpress printing if it is needed. let me know your thoughts on this.
Being on this forum is good for me, it makes me feel that my advice is appreciated and is a great way to spend time.
You certainly have a lot to offer and it is much appreciated. I'm glad that you're enjoying the forum/community :)
Sounds great John! Thank you for offering advice on these subjects. I hope people will hit you up on these things. This is why I created this particular forum.

What is your "computing" background exactly? Do your mean website design or coding programs? What specifically? I know we have a few coders here. I know quite a bit, as does Hannah, the other owner of the site (more so), about html/php, MySQL databases, and website design, etc.

And funny enough, we also used to have our own letterpress studio. But I'm sure, as you know, it's a lot of lead to move around, and when we moved, we were not able to bring the studio with us and sold it off to someone who was starting their own letterpress business. Now I have to pay someone private when I need letterpressing done, and it's not cheap. However, I recently found a place that does digital letterpress for a very fair price, but I haven't tested them yet: I was thinking about doing some greeting cards in the future and seeing how their quality is.

I too like offering up advice (for those that want it, that is) on art career stuff. I don't have teaching experience, but I've noticed that there are tons of workshops offered on Instagram these days by other artists that have absolutely no teaching experience at all, and they are teaching both art and career strategies. They do it via Zoom, etc. If I could get over my camera shyness, maybe I could do that, but I doubt that would ever happen, so I posted a kind of "advice series" on my blog (about 17 articles for beginning artists to get their art practice going). Not too many people came to read it (maybe 50-60 people a day at the most), and now I'm about to just go back to regular blogging about my everyday life.

On another note about your post, I am a little confused on why we would need an ISBN number for a book you make. Do you mean, if someone asks you for advice about a particular subject, you would then put a downloadable book together about it? If so, I still don't understand why one would need an ISBN number.

I have published books (hardcover and paperback) and those do need ISBNs, but the publisher needs those to put them into distribution. The person attaining it doesn't. This am why I am confused, but maybe it is just the way you worded it. If you can clarify that part for me, that would be great! :)
I had a rather long reply to this so I put it into a PDF, do say if you want anything clarified.


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Hello mill. You really have an amazing history and so many accomplishments. Sad to say I'm pretty computer illiterate. So here is a question for you.
Hubby recently gave me a new Dell laptop to replace this old 2009 Dell and no clue how to get the data including many, many photos, etc. from its tower. He also gave me a new printer. I'm terrified to let go of the dinosaur. Any tips?
Hello Kay,
Are they both running Windows 10,or Windows 11? I'll look out some programs and gizmos specially to deal with this that will let you pass over all your information from one PC to the other. Meanwhile it will be faster if you can contact me on millrind(at)
Happily I think I can help you on this.