Acrylic advice?


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I ‘m rgetting the acrylics out soon. I’ve never used them. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Jerry Yarnell has some very good demonstration CDs. He used to be on public TV with tutorials and I learned so much from him. He paints in oils too but is much better with the acrylics. Many tips and tricks. There are several Youtube tutes to watch.
I've been using them for years and love them. They are very forgiving, which means you can play and get the feel of them without worrying about doing anything wrong🙂. I don't know what kind of weather you have, but if it's hot they'll dry quickly so bear that in mind and if you have high humidity it'll take longer.If you are used to oils and like the texture you can buy a range of products and texturizers to use with acrylics.Have fun🙂
I have a couple sets of acrylics that are middle of the road. Nothing really professional, just the Blick brand stuff in tubes and bottles and another set (I forget the name offhand). I also have a few different mediums to use with them, but I've always just used water for the most part, making them dry all the faster, which is what I hate about acrylics. I've just never had the feel for them like I do for watercolors or oils. I've only used them for a little bit of underpainting with oils and that's really it. I've not really "explored" them yet.
That's what the Golden Opens are for--they have a long open time. I never got around to using them; got RA before I could, but Golden is by far the best in the acrylic biz, so they might be worth a look.

Golden Open Acrylics