A succulent Bedroom (+Process)


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What started as a little doodle while doing some work turned into a full painting.
First I scaled the doodle up in a second sketch,

which I then transferred on watercolor paper.
I inked it and let it dry.
If anyone wants to use the inked sketch as a coloring page and post the result in the comments , feel free to do so.

Then i colored it in with watercolors
Here I decided to post two pictures , one with flash and one without

The painting is 12 cm long and 10 wide. I used no reference.
I’m open for honest criticism
(Also realism is not my goal)
On the whole I think that this is very nice. The scene is interesting and the colours are pleasing. Perhaps a few more darker touches, done very selectively, would give more punch to the painting.
I love this, it's such fun and I love all those succulents. This is a great result from a doodle!
This is so charming! I like it as a feast for the eyes- lots to look at and see without it being at all chaotic.

Good work
I love it! This is a very clever idea, and very well rendered. As JStarr has said, it is a feast for the eyes. ❤️ ❤️
I can't believe I missed this one - wonderful work, Flowercat! Your sketch is charming, and the pastel colors are perfect here. It's a busy scene but not chaotic, just great detail.

Well done - love it! ❤️