A separate entity unencumbered by the prejudices of learning


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I was talking with an addiction counsellor about my fears/reservations of posting on this brand new forum full of real living artists, and they said, "What is the worst that could happen?" I replied, "Public ridicule." We quickly moved along.
. A Separate Entity Unencumbered by the Prejudices of Learning.jpg
Normalcy. (I find this word contradicts its meaning).
Normalcy (Inspired by the mass produced).jpg
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au contraire mon ami, we would never ridicule you. But hopefully, after you get used to us, we can poke fun at you too just like we do everyone else. I love your work. That texture you achieve is unbelievable. I would like to see it in real life.
Iain, I like the jobs you posted and I'm interesting.
so I am convinced that they will be appreciated.

but as they wrote to you,
quiet, on posting, you can do it safely ,, you can safely do that there are wonderful artists but above all fantastic people.

and in any case I also post on the site.
Hi Joe, thank you for the kind words of reassurance.

I have enjoyed looking at your drawings. I am very much line oriented.
I updated "Normalcy." I was not quite happy to leave it. These really don't work as images....a bit like ourselves, huh?





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I know you won't give away your secrets as to the media, but these are so amazing. I keep thinking though, what the hell are they made of?!
They just look to me like scraped paint when it was just dry to flexible, but he said it wasn't dried paint. 🙄
I am here, you know. 😄 Maybe i shouldn't make too fine a point of it, but I did see the material that I used as part of a wider philosophy of inclusiveness. When you are useless in all worldly matters, when craft, traditional ways of doing and being can't interest you, you can only go your own way, or not.

All artist's art is bound up in their biography. To condemn the art is to condemn the life, is it not?

Have my diversionary tactics worked, I wonder.

Could you please hold this 💣
I'll be right back.
I'm back. Hey. where's...? He is cut short by a pair of smoking boots. I went from here to a blocked toilet, believe it or not. From here to a blocked toilet. It could be a title. It's nothing new. I'm quite adept at unblocking toilets. If I was ever to gain collectors, it could be a sideline. That would be original. "You're commissioning me? I work in oil, acrylic.." "Yes, but do you have a plunger?" Oh. Actually, we should invest in one. She brought home what was purported to unblock drains: a length of spring on a handle. Useless. I pulled it out and, as you can imagine, it flailed around like a poisonous snake, the business end caked in venom, so to speak. Ah, high art.
One of my favorite Icelandic words, the one for plungur; "drullusokkur". It doubles as an insult, with about the same feeling as "basterd".
Oh yeah, cool art!
This is the forum for stand-up comedians.

Isn't it?

I don't think there is an alternative response to the tragedy of existence.

That brought the house down.