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Quick pen and wash. Crystal Springs Reservoir in Belmont, CA. 10x4" on Arches.
Crystal Springs watercolor Nov 23.jpg
Love your reservoir quickie. It looks peaceful there.
Well, sorta. The reservoir itself is the main water source for San Francisco and surroundings, coming from the high Sierras at Hetch Hetchy, so they protect it like it was Fort Knox! You can't get close to the water, the land and the trails are all fenced off so you feel like you're walking through a minefield, and you aren't allowed onto most of the watershed trails with the best views. Behind us was a busy road too, so noisy. If I were a duck or a ranger on the other side of that lake it would be one of the most magnificent spots for peacefulness, but not where we peons get to stand unfortunately. Still, it is nearly in our back yard, so worth the pain to paint....
It is beautiful to see, you did great work. It's a shame we have to be fenced off. Protect our water, but......
Love the painting. Can see all the points covered in class. Well done. It is a shame it has to be fenced off but it is probsbly good that it is fenced to help preserve the beauty and protect the SF water supply.
Wow! This is a lovely scene and a beautiful sketch. A pity that you cannot enjoy all the benefits that such a location offers.