A Little Lighthouse

P. Barrie

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10-1/4”x 13-3/4”, WC on 140# Bahong Block

This is my first WC on a good Block, 100% cotton. It definitely helps to have good paper. Only used white gouache mixed with WC on the final highlights. I feel a measure of WC success with this one

That's truly beautiful. Amazing how you capture the subtleties of distance. 👌
Very nicely done. I'm liking the little figure to show scale. (y)
Wonderful! Yes, I love all the light brushwork in this one. It is delicate and perfect. The whites are so well done! ❤️
Thanks all!
I found some vintage #14 sable rounds on eBay that work well to spread color and keep a point for detail. A small synthetic liner also for lines.
The figure is important for scale. The lighthouse is a small one, probably serviced by ladder. Notice the small hand hole on the left side.
Whites here are not straight from the tube, rather small amounts of orange when highlighting blue, or touches of yellow in other areas.
I'm happy that several threads are being resurrected so I get to see some older work! This is so light and lovely. Beautiful sky.
very good one. a little bit more contrast on the sea at the forgorund would even push more the background.
Lighthouses are not easy to paint but you’ve nailed this one with ease. It’s a great and entertaining marine scape!
Nice work. Like the perspective, the figure to give it scale but especially like how you did the water.
I agree with all the above. The soft haziness of the distant land, details of the foreground, all very well done. It's a beauty.