A History of the Weekend Drawing Event

Charlie’s Mum (Maureen)

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The Weekly Drawing Event (known to many as the WDE) originated on the Wet Canvas Forum as a Friday night drawing collaboration that became a weekly challenge. It started at the weekend, running throughout the next week until a new challenge was issued.

Any medium could be used to create a response from a selection of images provided by a host. Forum members were asked to limit their work time to two hours to encourage a fresh, spontaneous response and to avoid overworking. The limited time, often with additional optional challenges, encouraged experimentation, taking us out of comfort zones.

Resulting works were then uploaded into individual threads while other participants commented. Criticism was discouraged unless requested. The challenge encouraged positivity and respect towards other member's creations.

By popular demand, the weekly challenge now continues here on Creative Spark in a slightly different format (SEE INSTUCTIONS). Old friends and new friends will now be able to join together weekly to respond to a new version of this challenge, creating a new bond through art.

Enjoy and participate if you so desire!

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