A Crack In The Wall



16 x 20 oil on panel Alla Prima
Now this is more expressionistic to me. And I absolutely LOVE it! Every scratch.
Thank you Arty .. that's my nail punch
Thank you Sno ... entirely different painting .. same blueprint.
Thanks Laf .... knights in shiny armor
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16 x 20 oil on panel Alla Prima
Enyaw, as I was going through the posts that I have missed, I looked at the painting without my glasses and saw a stage on the left, on the right people giving a standing ovation towards the stage and the top of the painting was a painted wall in a theatre. Regardless, looked at it with my glasses and the road was a beautiful revelation. I loved it twice for different reasons.
Desforges, thank you. I never saw that but I can see it now. I find it interesting what other people see.
What I saw was knights on horseback leading a whole slew of humanity from the dark into the light while the forest fire encroached on them.
Sno, It's the pictures in your mind that gives the painting a new life. Have a shot and stare awhile. :eek: