A couple of Watercolor/gouache

P. Barrie

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Both of these are 8”x10”, watercolor and gouache on WC paper. From royalty free on photo refs.
At first I struggled working this small in Watermedia. Now I’m getting better with using the edge and corners of flat brushes, and pointed rounds. I want to hone my technique for working smaller to prepare for plein air studies as the weather warms.


Oh my!! Outstanding! Love the distance in the first and love the sunshine in the second. ❤️ ❤️
Yeah, great, both of them, like the second one best. You captured the light so well in that one.
I really appreciate all of your support, thank you all!
The second one is a shot taken by a Facebook friend who lives out west and gave me permission. Is interested in buying it, but maybe I should give in exchange for permission. What do you think?