A couple of Still lifes in window light

P. Barrie

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6” x 8”, gouache on panel


Clementines. 6”x8”, Oils on panel
At first glance I thought the clementines wa# a reference photo. The lighting and textures are excellent.
I thank you all very much.
Still lifes are fun. I like painting reflected light, cast and form shadows from life. Requires lots of hard looking. I probably look more than actually paint, trying to make the brush strokes deliberate and not fuss with them.
Excellent work on both paintings. The fruit is beautifully handled in both, but your work on the cloth in the clementine painting is outstanding - wonderfully done.
Thanks again to all!
No reference photos used for these two, these are painted from life in natural light. I set up a still life and sometimes manipulate the environment.
For me, there are important distinctions and aspects of approach when either working from life or using reference photos. I find the more I work from life, the more drawing and painting vocabulary I have for other references: photos, imagination, abstraction, non representational, whatever.
So impressive. I love the shadows and reflections - heck, even the folds of the cloth are very well done. Love them both.
Nice work, Patrick! Love the blue cloth beneath the clementines. Nice touch.

How, if it's not a secret, do you prepare the panel for gouache?