A couple of plein air

P. Barrie

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Painted these a long time ago, finished on site.

11” x 14”, oils on canvas


16” x 20”, Acrylics on paper
Well done. I like the all variety of greens and the "narly" trees in the second one.
Love these two 💕. The second one has so smart composition! Light directed interesting and perfect way! In the first oil painting the path leads to a mystical forest, leaves of the trees above the path are leaning over the path such interesting way that it's unusual to get this kind of effect when painting these forest scenes. What I mean is the end of the visible path gives viewer the idea that the path might go to the left or right but not sure which and it makes this painting special.
Bongo, thanks, I don’t remember back then if I used a green out of the tube or mixed up all my greens. Now I usually mix greens.

Moscatel, thanks, at the time, that was a seasonal road that went for miles. I probably made it narrower for composition.
Both are lovely but the second really stands out. Wonderful composition and use of color.
I like them both but I actually like the first one better. I love the shadows across the road and the way you painted light on the grass behind the trees.
I like both of these. Your use of blues and greens in the second one are great.
These are both so nice and I like your painting style. You allow colors to be separate from each other instead of blending them all together.