A Boat


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~5x7" Crits and comments welcome. Thanks for looking.
Watercolor boat.jpg
Wow! This is excellent! Nice big pic too. I love it! I mean, I really do, every brush mark. Those little loose trees on the hill are wonderful too. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Well another one I missed. This is beautiful! Very well painted. ❤️ ❤️(y)
Arty, thanks. I'll confess: I do want to paint faster, I'm much too slow. This is the second piece I have put a time limit on, 30 minutes. So, a time limit and a new to me medium results in starts, rough drafts. I just slammed those trees in before stopping, even though I went over my time limit by 10 minutes. I'll keep at it, to see what I can learn. So glad you like the trees.!
Sno, thanks. Your words are so encouraging.
Nufocus, thanks. Your comment is instructive and appreciated.
Nicely done. Pushing your self to work fast helps to make more intuitive decisions and keeps you from second guessing.
Mr. Barrie, I hope you're right! Thanks for commenting. :)

Joe thank you so much.