8th Ave NE


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plein air - 14" x18" oil on panel.

New to plein air (and oil).
comments welcomed.

8th Ave NE.jpg
Really great for just starting in oil, looks like small town America. Love it. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Love this! You are very good at oils already! Looks like SoCal suburbs to me. Really cool. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you thank you. I really had to stifle my urge to noodle all the little things that bother me about it. But that would defeat the idea of doing plein air. It's one thing to do a little clean-up or touch-up _ but I know once I started I wouldn't stop till I had gone over every square inch.
Nice one Bongo. Looks like you are making real progress with PA.

From the address the location could be Florida, but the scene is not quite 'sandy' enough.
Thanks Trier. The street is here in Seattle where I live. I was going to do a bunch of PA featuring roundabouts since we have lots of them on suburban streets. But I'm finding it hard (at least for me) to get a good composition - and variety of compositions with them - and good angles to set up. So I'm scouting other types of locations.
There are a bunch of those little roundabouts in residential neighborhoods east of Pasadena if you ever get a chance to come down to shoot.