3 Men in a Bar


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acrylic on 30"x20" panel
Three men walked into a bar.
The fourth one ducked.
(Sorry, but this just reminded me of this very corny joke)
Thank you ! Any resemblance to former presidents is unintended. PSA3475 (not to be confused with PSA2476) - all the 3 men walk into a bar jokes came to mind as I was painting this - but a line in the sand must be drawn. Can we not paint orange-haired men, can we not paint 3 men in a bar - lest we branded a bourgeois barker?

As I was painting the bartop I realized the drink disparity but decided to leave it as a "feature".
Love the fags and ashtray atop the counter.
They reek of 'once upon a time' to me because here in the UK, for a few years
now, we have not been permitted to smoke in public places.

Love the picture....!!
Thanks Dave. You also can't smoke in public places here - but you can in paintings.
It feels timeless to me. They could be anyone. I didn't think of Trump. I just thought of three men in a bar, not a joke either. I love your style and palette.