3 easy pieces


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There's a "strip park" that has a few sculpture pieces, all rather bland. I chose what I thought was the best of the bunch.

Didn't like my first attempt so rubbed it out and started over with a new sketch

Now the panel was covered with thick wet paint. - so I had to paint alla prima - meaning one stroke and done, no layering.

less than pleased I went back a few days later.

the sketch.

the painting.
strip park 2.jpg

Then I was out of town for a week -- and also bought a brand-new easel -- a Mabef M23 backpack - same make and model as my old easel but with a few improvements.

For the maiden voyage, I set up in a random parking lot and aimed at a cluster of buildings - my neck and the panel in direct sunlight.

the sketch

block in

the painting "TJmaxx" 18"x 14" oil on panel

comments welcomed
I can never understand why some people like paintings with that sort of "look". I think I there is a fairly expansive range of art that I find pleasing, but that is a bridge too far. Didn't hesitate for a nanosecond to paint over it.
I love these, especially the first with such an interesting subject. I'm inspired by the same kinds of things. Excellent execution as usual Bongo! ♥️
Very interesting Bongo. I admire anyone who does Plein Air. You do it quite well.👏
AThank you Flowers!

Sno - I admire anyone that can paint like you. I enjoy the process of Plein Air, it's like packing up for a camping trip to a place you've never been before, with no idea what you'll see.