10 Socially Engaged Photographs



Are you are real user of this site? You only post links to these kind of click baity websites, and you don´t engage in the discussions in your own topics. I strongly suspecting you of being a bot. Not answering this enquiry will confirm that suspicion...
I'm curious, as well. Posting links that drive members to other sites isn't always a bad thing, but when it's all you have to offer it becomes a bit suspect.
I'm with EJH here. These AI related posts to me are iffy. I kinda don't trust art where you don't get messy hands or clothes. If they turn out to be real.... Hey each to their own, but count me sideways. Humans may be irritating and messy but i like the ART they can achieve without a second brain interfering.
Yes, I am also wondering about these threads. I think it would be better to include a bit of a description of the topic in your post, as to what the link is about and what type of discussion you'd like to begin. I'd be more inclined to look then.
I think there is more than one bot profile. Maybe some back testing is an idea. The site is too important to be used for linkbait.
I have been checking into it. We do our best to filter out spam accounts, but can't filter out every one of them.
Bots are getting more and more advanced...
It's a nasty fenomenon, they can potentially destroy forums and other social media.