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I did this as a memorial portrait. Dave was a rescued whippet.

I used Polychromos pencils on a sanded paper.

Beautiful Penny. I love how you did the fur and the eyes. There is so much personality here.

I worked in colored pencil for several years but only occasionally on sanded paper. I loved the results but I didn't like how long it took to complete a painting. You have the medium mastered.
Thank you very much, Anne. I, for some reason, don’t find coloured pencils slow work! I really don’t know why. Perhaps I don’t mind working at a slower pace. I did find, though, that the sanded paper ate the pencils - grinding away the pigment.🐾
Wow! This is beautiful, Penny! Your details are exquisite. You have totally captured some very expressive eyes. ❤
Thank you very much, Terri. I almost left it unfinished, as at an earlier stage it looked very “painterly; appearing from the page in soft tones. As it was a gift to Dave’s owner I finished it. I did keep progress shits but they got lost in a change of computer hardware.
Flawless! Eyes, nose expression. You should make instructional videos.