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In 1983, I finished this 18x24" landscape. Over the years it's traveled with me, sometimes surfacing, often still in some unpacked box. A few months ago it made another appearance, and I decided to make a few changes, just to get back into painting, since I hadn't done much for over a year. And I decided to do a "work in progress" to help me along. I have about 10 photos, I may have to use a second posting, and I hope I get all the photos in their proper order. Thanks for looking, crits and comments welcome! :)
First, here it is as it was then, almost 40 years ago and the alterations:

2021-06-20 13.50.58.jpg

I painted over most of the foreground.
2021-06-27 09.55.00.jpg

That impasto may be a problem...
then added some trees and some ground.
2021-06-27 15.34.37.jpg

More trees now on both sides, and some boulders:

2021-06-29 15.16.30.jpg

A little more on the trees and rocks:

2021-07-04 15.42.37.jpg

Added tree trunks on V right, worked on boulders and water.
2021-07-07 16.50.22.jpg

A bit more:
2021-07-14 12.52.44.jpg

we-lllll :(
2021-07-16 17.47.45.jpg

some better...
2021-07-18 18.03.08.jpg

And, finished:
2021-07-20 13.00.33.jpg

Again, thanks for looking, crits and comments welcome! :)
Ntl. It is a spectacular work, and I like the changes, they have made it even more three-dimensional and rich, as well as the vegetation and the colors, the new shades of colors are also beautiful.
very nice to see the various versions together, and they are all interesting
As I scrolled down, I thought at one point you had ruined it but it is a fabulous work now. Thanks for sharing the process! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
You got me beat. I have an unfinished canvas of an oil painting I started over twenty years ago, I made it in the rather short period I tried out that medium, only finished one other painting. Moved house with it five times. But you finished yours now and I'm still in the race...🤣
Really like your landscape.
On a related note, does anyone have an idea what the shelf life of oil paint tubes is, we are talking decennia here....
Thank you all so very much.
Wayne, thanks. I almost did stop at 8. :)

Joe1It, thank you. Your words are very encouraging, I appreciate you saying.

Sno, thank you. Your words mean a lot to me.

PSA3475, Good, I'm glad you liked seeing it, that makes it worth the time to post.

E.J.H., thanks! I think I have a couple more from then I may work on.
Most of my (all is artist grade)paint is from 1970. Mostly Grumbacher, I think, but permanent pigment, Winsor Newton, da Vinci, Alexander, Richeson, Shiva. The rest, a mix of various well known as well as not so well known-to me- is probably 10 or more years old.
I really love seeing the progress here. I think the final result is the best one because I like all the little details you added. It's not overworked or anything. It's really good. I'm impressed! ♥️
Very nice ntl ! A good one.
Your progression is interesting and informative. I appreciate how much time and effort goes into presenting this kind of series. Thanks.

Would that be you, clambering down the rocks ?
Trier, Thanks! Glad you stopped by.
No, not me. (Imagine tumbling and plummeting, rather than gracefully descending, or even clambering! (That's a word I haven't heard for a long time!) The image represents my elder daughter at about age 9.