WIP Collages from 2019


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Decided to finally scan some mixed media collages I started in early 2019 (I think?) and never quite finished. A friend of mine who works at a gallery used to do weekly "art therapy" get-togethers and I didn't feel like working on our usual papier-mache project, so I brought in some collage materials and paint. This is a body of work I've been playing with for about 15 years. The process is initially automatic, I select images that appeal to me and don't spend a lot of time thinking about the colors or other materials (usually acrylics), then an idea coalesces and I finish it. Each piece takes months to years to complete. It's a nice meditative process.

This piece feels closest to "finished" for me. There are a few details I probably need to go back and refine, but I like the colors and juxtaposition of images.


These two are definitely "works in progress." I like where the first one is going, but I don't care for the colors much. The color on the scanned image is not very accurate, came out a lot more blue/cyan and I had difficulties correcting. I like the colors on 2nd more, but something feels "off." Maybe it should be darker? It looks deeper/richer in the edited scan, which definitely looks better. I'll go back in and play with these against eventually.


I particularly like the use of the complimentaries in the second one, even if it isn't finished.
I love the second one the most too. These are all great though. I love that you are using technical illustrations, like the map and the anatomy stuff in the 2nd and third ones. The second one is strong, maybe because of that face and the limited palette. It all just works. Thank you for sharing these and the process. It makes me want to share my more therapeutic works myself. Maybe I will.
The 3rd is really striking and I don't know why but it made me immediately think of Francis Bacon. Great colours on the second
Thanks, all! I wish the colors in the 2nd image were accurate to the collage itself, I would be a lot more pleased with how it looks. But it's nice to have this version as a record.

And the technical illustrations came out of a Dover book of wood engravings. Dover books are an excellent source for public domain imagery. There is also a Xerox from a Dover book of color lithographs peeking through one of these. I love medical illustrations, but I hadn't incorporated a lot of these copies into anything.