Window Cat: The White Whale


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...My stroke-addled pursuit ended here. At the time, this tick with the head of a cat (sorta) was my closest encounter with what had become my White Whale; my Holy Grail.
Anyway, homemade reed pen, India ink, and indigo Inktense stick:

Window Cat!!! ❤

I love your coloring here. It's obvious that you had really improved your sketches, post stroke, with this one. There's no doubt that this is full-on Window Cat.

And I love him. ❤
Beautiful marks and texture, and so much character in the expression. Wonderful drawing - and I really like that indigo background, too.
Great drawing, I really like the blue blue for the shadowed interior. The cat has "that look"on its face.
Wow, Artyczar, Queen Bee, Terri, triss, Christel, Sanlynn, ntl - thanks so much for the kind words! I'm flattered that y'all even took the time to look :)
Lamar - A real sweetie! And Iove the detail of the crank on the window. We have a similar one.
I thought I had already commented on this ... I just love it! Great expression - our new next door neighbour moved in last week, she has a cat and it sits in the window with a very similar look on its face. :)
I like the cat and I like the "barnwood" frame around the window. ❤️
I'm so glad this thread was brought back up. I like this so much! You caught the essence of "catness" perfectly. I didn't know you are recovering from a stroke, Lamar, and I hope you're continuing to improve.