Who are your current contemporary/abstract art influences?


I thought this might be a fun question for us all to answer. There might be too many to name, but I can start!

Mine will always be Paul Klee and Van Gogh, and ...so many more: Matisse, Kandinsky, Motherwell, Picasso, Bill Traylor... Those two are probably the basics.

More current-ish ones in the last 20 years or so are:

Amy Sillman
Lisa Sanditz
Dana Schutz
Carlo Zinelli
Kerry James Marshall
Hilma Af Klint
Agnes Martin
Jacob Lawrence
Tibor Jankay

I'm probably forgetting many.

How about you?
In no particular order. I am pretty sure I have forgotten some other artists who inspire me. These just came to mind as ones I admire and would collect if I had the means.

Eduardo Paolozzi
Antony Gormley
Antoni Tapies
Constantin Brancusi
Robert Motherwell
Pierre Soulages
Mark Rothko
Isamu Noguchi
Richard Diebenkorn
I'm terrible at this kind of question, because I like artists I don't even know I like, if that makes sense. I see lots of beautiful work and never get their names!

Can easily point to these already named: Picasso, van Gogh, Matisse. Can add Chagall to the list. More contemporary, I have to look at ones I've bookmarked. 😆 @Artyczar, you mentioned that woman artist who was new to me, just within the last few weeks but she blew me away.

Edited to add: Charlotte Salomon!
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