When do I need permission?


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If I take a photo of an installation, how do I legally exhibit? when does it become my image?
I took this photo back in 2016 at LACMA, and it was chosen for the student's final show in LACCView attachment 2142
UK Copyright law pertaining to photograph content.
Not sure of other countries.
If a photograph is of an artistic or literary work, there are two levels of copyright in the work: • copyright in the subject of the photograph, • copyright in the actual photograph itself. If the subject of the photograph was in copyright at the time the photograph was taken, then the photograph is an infringement of copyright if permission was not first granted by the subject’s copyright owner. A photographer may own the copyright in the actual photograph, but is unable to do anything with it without infringing the copyright of its content.
Copyright is not infringed however, if the photograph is of a work which is on permanent public display, such as a building, a statue in a park, or a work on permanent display in a building open to the public, such as a museum.

Hope that helps, but probably not.