What non-Art do you sell?


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In addition to art, I also sell vintage. I am thinking about selling succulents, too, after a very successful foray into raising them from leaf cuttings.

For awhile, I was convinced to forgo any side stuff and just concentrate on selling art. But that's not me. I like to have a hand in a lot of things, and I like the side $$$, too!

How about you? Any non-art selling going on?
Mineral specimens. For example, chryscocolla with drusy, botryoidal malachite, and azure quartz.



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I had a shop selling antiquities. It is now closed but occasionally I sell on EBay.
Porcelain, glass, jewelry and memorabilia. Shipping is so high now that I stick to smaller things.
LOL, I am selling 3 old troll dolls on ebay right now that I found in my neighbor's trash walking my dog. I won't dive in, but if something is sitting right there for the taking, I'll take. I have 3 of them bid up to $27 at the moment and lots more to list. A few weeks ago, another neighbor had a boxful of hardware junk, but in there were two sets of vintage brass light plates and they paid for some relaxing dinners out!
I kid you not. It is not my main occupation, but we keep a flock of about 70 ewes and some rams. So we have produced 140 lams.
They graze in the hills over the summertime, and now it's roundup season.